It’s this simple...If you want to sing, come and sing in the Garden!

If you have never sung before...I specialise in teaching beginners, especially beginners who feel they can’t sing. Take heart possums - in lessons you learn specific techniques to bring out your true voice.

Lessons are rigorous yet light and down right enjoyable... I teach in a gentle, easy-going, natural way, drawing on decades of classical singing study to ensure you develop a healthy technique. I understand how to teach - I have a Masters in Music pedagogy from UQ - internationally regarded as one of Australia’s finest pedagogy programs. I have also trained and worked as an actor, and help students approach their songs with meaning and story instead of just a collection of nice sounds.

Whatever your age...I have taught students from 10 years old to people well into their 80s. I have developed a curriculum that sets up a foundation of healthy, sound singing and musicianship in a fun, accessible way.

On your own or with friends...Sometimes singing can feel daunting, and that’s fine. We will approach singing at a pace and angle that suits you. You might prefer private lessons, or the joy of making music with others in a group. 
If you want to learn in a larger group, I have choirs in Aldgate and Adelaide City, with a strong focus on developing vocal and musical skills.       

Don't Panic!...Singing lessons are OK! About 90% of singing technique is finding ways to relax. A relaxed jaw, tongue, throat and abdomen all contribute to the sound of the voice. So lessons end up feeling like a relaxation class and that's quite lovely really!