Generally lessons are weekly, for half an hour, during school terms. But if you've got to work around shift work, or family or whatever, we can wing it.

I want you to enjoy learning singing, and to feel increasingly confident and at ease with singing. So I keep teaching as straightforward as possible, with one or two ideas to focus on at once. I understand singing is personal, it comes from inside us and I want my students to sing songs they love and develop their own style to suit their voice, personality and musical tastes.

We can focus exclusively on singing technique, or complement your singing with musicianship and  music theory. 

It may suit you to grab a friend or two and share group lessons. These can be great fun, and a good option for the budget conscious. 

Sometimes students come for a few lessons, specifically to prepare for auditions or performances. Some students come for ongoing lessons for the pleasure of developing their singing over a long period of time.

Sometimes students bring their own sheet music, other students are happy for me to suggest pieces. Either way is fine and I take care to ensure students sing material that help them develop vocally and musically!

Singers who perform with a guitar are welcome to bring their guitar to lessons.